DDI can oversee the manufacture your parts or products in nearly any material. We have access to factories all across China as well as the logistics network to bring your goods to our central warehouse for consolidation and shipping. We’ll work with you to create detailed inspection criteria and ensure each product or component produced meets your specifications.


We have experience with Extrusion / Pultrusion, Blow molding, Injection molded, Rotational molding, & Sonic welding

From Die cast and sand casting to extrusion and welding we can help produce your parts and components

Wire forming, Stamped, Formed, Sub-assemblies and Welding, CNC milling, Laser cutting, Die casting, Precision casting

We have many finishing capabilities available from chrome plating, electroless nickel plating, zinc plating, anodizing, black oxide, hard chrome plating, as well as powder coating and painting.

We can arrange the manufacture of nearly any type of cut and sew product. Backpacks, tents, canopies, covers and specialized clothing are in our warehouse

OEM PARTS & PRODUCTS: If you want a completely assembled product or simply a kit of ready-to-assemble parts, we can deliver. Pick and choose from various materials and know that your design will perform as intended when we assist in getting it made.