It is Our Job to Help You

Why Choose Our Services

DDI works with manufacturers to improve the process of importing overseas manufactured goods. Our extensive experience can help with key issues such as raw material costs, overhead, capacity, and labor. DDI can help improve profit margins.

Our Process

Our experienced team will work to understand your current needs and long-term development goals. This is accomplished through reviewing your products, manufacturing process and testing procedures. We can then evaluate and make recommendations.

Our Obligation

We will deliver products and services of the highest value to our clients. We will simplify the process of overseas manufacturing.

Our History

DDI was founded by University of Illinois PhD. Zhenhai Li in 1999. DDI has built a well-earned reputation for delivering quality components and products to a diverse portfolio of companies across the globe. “Our dedicated staff delivers dependable products with innovative manufacturing and logistics solutions. I am very proud of our people, products and customers that we have developed over the last sixteen years” stated Zhenhai Li.