Direct to Consumption

Direct to consumption is the fastest, most efficient and lowest cost method for getting parts or products made and then delivered directly to “the point of consumption.” They’ll either end up at your stores’ loading docks or next to your assembly line, ready to install.
Simplifying the Process

Source And Manufacture

DDI sources and manages the manufacture of various products / components you require from several factories throughout China.

Quality Inspected

The various products are quality inspected at the factory of origin by DDI’s own staff of qualified QA and QC inspectors.

Kit Packaging Speeds Up Processing

OEM parts can be packaged into ‘kits’ which will speed-up production and assembly when they arrive at your factory floor or other location. Retail goods can be packaged into categories, display units, and event/time specific assortments.

Consolidation Expedites Overseas Shipping

Once the products pass inspection, they are transported to our main warehouse in Qingdao where they are consolidated and containerized to expedite the overseas shipping.

Point Of Consumption Access

Each customized container is carefully loaded and tracked so it can be unloaded at the point of consumption in exactly the order you need to access the products at the right time.

Expedited Customs Processes

Once in the U.S., we expedite your specific containers through customs for delivery directly to your loading dock or store front.

Point Of Consumption Delivery

Your containers are delivered direct to the point of consumption - either a single retail store in your chain, or to your factory floor for assembly. Parts roll out of the container ready for staging on your assembly line or for displaying in your retail store.