Direct to the Point of Consumption

Anything you can imagine...

we can cost effectively source, quality test and logistically deliver anywhere in the world. It's that simple.


your warehouse footprint and handling costs by letting us deliver goods directly to the point of consumption.
It's that simple.


the process of sourcing products overseas and logistically shipping them anywhere in the world. It's that simple.

Put your product

in the stores or on the assembly line faster!

Simplify the Process Direct to Consumption

DDI executes global off-shore manufacturing programs along with related logistics and warehousing services to deliver parts and products anywhere in the world. The company has pioneered the concept of “Direct to Consumption”, a process that eliminates costs and improves efficiencies in the manufacturing world.

Complete Quality Control

DDI is dedicated to becoming the most efficient distributor of overseas manufactured goods. We specialize in finding the best factories and sources for our clients. We thoroughly review our client’s needs and then design programs to improve the distribution process, maximize productivity and improve profits by integrating into our clients established markets.

Direct to Consumption

D2C is the fastest, most efficient and lowest cost method for getting parts or products made and then delivered directly to “the point of consumption.” They’ll either end up at your stores’ loading docks or next to your assembly line, ready to install.